Box Magazine

Founder / Creator / Editor-in-Chief
September 2005 to September 2007

Box was a multimedia organization ahead of its time. The “thinking person’s soft core porn” magazine upended the binary approach to adult publishing, celebrating human sexuality in all of its forms. Box blurred the lines between art and smut for the post-Playboy generation with in-depth features, celebrity interviews, sex toy reviews, and provocative photo essays. Over the course of two years, we produced 6 PDF-first issues of the magazine, one high-gloss print edition, an illustrated fetish dictionary, and a XXX flip book. Box was frequently featured online and in print, including appearances in Cool Hunting, Jane MagazineFleshbot, the Austin Chronicle and more. (You can download all six NSFW issues below!)

Box Volume 2, Issue 6.2 – “Play”

Box Volume 2, Issue 6 “Play”

Box Volume 2, Issue 5 “Work”

Box Volume 1, Issue 4 “Binge & Purge”

Box Volume 1, Issue 3 “Fetish”

Box Volume 1, Issue 2 “Shots”

Box Volume 1, Issue 1 “First Time”