The Pairist

Content Strategy + Social Campaign

After a cautious, quiet debut during the pandemic, The Pairist, a licensed Northern California cannabis brand, contracted Grass to develop and implement a social strategy and expand its digital presence. With our help, the brand saw a 29% increase in followers, a 215% increase in accounts reached, and 29% increase in engaged accounts in the space of just three months. 

The brand initially sought help with its Instagram feed but after a thorough audit, we presented a more comprehensive multi-channel content strategy that favored long-term, direct customer engagement over short term social growth. The brand was expanding into new markets and product categories but had a limited budget for digital marketing. Taking into account budget constraints, social media restrictions, and the brand’s ambitions, we developed a multi-stage Instagram-first strategy that focused on newsletter conversions, effectively creating a channel for direct data gathering. The brand’s Instagram feed would combine stories and images from the newsletter with product shots, animated reels, and found photography to create a unique social presence with shareability at its core.

The visual language we created for The Pairist’s social presence built off branding from Other studio and imagery from the psychedelics movement of the 1960s and 70s. Our work influenced the evolution of the brand’s graphics both in-store and on the brand’s website.